T.W. 2002: A slice of Slice's War Manual

How about some more viewpoints for an evil player?

Evil Corp Tactics....By Mike Magero

Your asking for novel not a paperback! But I will try and provide a look into "Our Corp" and how we do things. This one may get long.....

First things first... John my corp partner is also an "Expert" in his own right. He and I are "Trusted" partners we don't backstab or lie to each other. We also talk daily, voice if not in person. We spend only a few minutes each day talking TW and then go about our other business. (We have lifes too!.... so that lame excuse is just that... lame!)

We use the Database and Script files we created and work as a team. We play evil and have made it work for us. Our "standard" methods of operation go like this.

Game Start (first 1-3 days)

We run our Find SGA script if need to locate stardock. If not we both trade in our Cruisers for Freighters and Density scanners. We trade pairs and buy holds. Once we have full holds we start buying E-probes and shoot them on long paths (using our e-prober script not a Zero turn map.) This provides us with more pairs. We continue to do this until we lose fedspace parking rights. (on or about day 3 due to having excessive exp.) When we are trading pairs we are using our Trading script to earn 2 points and the extra credits that makes. So far we have not joined up as a Corp we are acting as solo players but we are trading Cim Data and helping each other.

Day 4-6

One of us will go Evil. The other guy will send a days profit to the guy who is Evil. The Evil then goes to a Class 7 port and runs the script we call "Mega-Jetison" This script will trade for small quantities of product and haggle for 2 points. It then jettisons the stuff and repeats. In your example of a 350 turn game I could use this script to "buy" exp. I could earn 1750 in 350 turns costing me only 315,000 credits (about a days trading) I can then steal the credits back (I'm evil remember) for more Exp and a reduction in the cost. I now have the needed exp to run any of the Evil credit earning methods on day 4. The other players are still out pounding pairs and hoping to get there Iss's in a few days. The Good Guy will be trading the pairs and shooting E-probes. He will go for an ISS and will be making a Planet and may be capturing Ferrengal in a few days, if the rest of the players don't have a clue as to what's going on yet. This is often the part that causes cries of cheating (Most players don't understand how he got his ISS and all the fighters needed when they can't do it.) The Evil is sending him 500,000 credits per day and banking the rest or holding it on his cloaked ship.

Day 6-14

The Evil player is earning the big money by running either Sell-Steal-Move (SSM) or Sell-Steal-Transport (SST) Credits for new Ships,Holds,Fighters, and E-probes are not a problem at this time. (No this is not the big $) Bust are a problem as there is no one out clearing them so the money is not as good as it could be. The Good player now has an ISS and a big part of the map if not all of it! We often have 100% mapped at this point. (in the Database not as individuals) and he will start a planet and use a T-warp Colonizing script to bring in people. Once it turns Lv-1 we invest in the Planet Transporters to aid the process. The sectors we have chosen for our dead-end often look like this:


\ | /

-- 121 -- 345 -- (4713)

/ | |

2156 -- 3912 -- (4029)



Sector 121 has 6 ways in and out we don't touch this sector. The rest of the dead-end as you can see is made up of small 1 and 2 sector dead-ends there is no "escape hatch" 1 way out. These "escape hatch" dead-ends often have traffic coming through them at some point and are often found more by luck then any other means (we avoid using them for now.) All of these sectors will have 250 mines and a few limpets as while as 1 Fighter for a T-warp Beacon. The 345 sector will have 5-10 thousand Offensive fighters in it to keep the week guys from entering the dead-end. At this point the dead-end is at risk of invasion but it would take a powerful enemy to do it and this just doesn't happen because no one yet has the resources to attack. Even an Expert player who is in an ISS is going to think twice about attacking a dead-end and burning up his stock of fighters and credits this early in the game. If we have been found we may risk parking the ISS (maxed out) over the planet. (We can afford it! and it's more protection then the Sentinel offers.)

We now spend the credits to fire in dud planets and stock them with the products needed to build SSB Ports. In 4 days the Ports are done. The planet is Lv-2 and has a good stock of people on it. The Good Trader will now dump his Alignment and sell the ISS. He goes evil and if needed uses the Mega-Jetison script to raise his Exp. We then join up as a Corp and run the SST method of earning credits at our protected ports. We clear each others busts and use Mules at this point. This will earn us about 2 million per day per person at this point. Easily far more then a good aligned player can earn at this point.

We watch the screen for citadels and shoot E-probes to hunt for them We then kill them outright. Using what ever means necessary to crush the planet and it's defenders. (Ruthless and Wanton Devastation!) At this time we also clean up those worthless new player planets. We don't hunt for them. We hunt for citadels only!

From this point on we continue to buy fighters and hunt citadels. Once we have a Lv-4 planet we warp it in close to Terra and use the CT to make colonist stocking runs until we have drained Terra. We then warp our Lv-4 back to the dead end and start on building up other planets. We go for a Class L for our first planet but will settle for a Class M if that's what comes up. Either way we try for 1 of each as our first 2 planets. Only after we have these to Lv-5 do we start on the other types.

Once we have spread out the colonists and have a Lv-4 and a Lv-1 we move the Lv-4 over near one of the Class Zero ports (or stardock) and use that as a Transporter Pad to cut turns out of the Restoring holds problems one faces as an Evil. We then sell our Mules and replace them with CT"S. At this point we are makeing top dollar. From here it's just a matter of how you choose to spend your credits.

Geno. After reading this can you honestly tell me that your method of exploring is going to allow you fight us? If you give us 24 days to build up the game is over for you. You will never be able to start a Citadel. We will see it the day you use a G-torp and know the minute it turns into a Citadel. We can easily afford to spend untold millions just shooting E-probes. Anyone not also running SST in a similar fashion would lack the Fighters/Shields needed to battle us. We need never leave our protected area should we choose not to. You will never see us out in space. If you want us, you will have to come and find us. We force you into the position of being the attacker, the odds are with us. Sure there are things you can do to harrass us but you will never be able to take it all away from us. The stuff you CAN destroy with little cost like the un-manned ships and the ports can all be easily rebuilt in a matter of days. The planets are for the most part un-killable due to the games upper limits being set so high and our methods of earning the maximum amount of credits each and everyday. The game itself is busted not your methods but your only getting away with what your doing because the other players are allowing you to do it. We don't give others that chance. We use our credit advantage from the start and don't let anyone else get into a position to offer a challenge.

The real secret to control is to pick a method that will allow you to out earn everyone else and get into FASTER then anyone else can. The guys who can get the most, FIRST will be the guys who are going to control the game.

You can see that even this post doesn't go into pain staking step by step details but you can see the general plan we use. The minor details such as ship types and planet types will differ but the basic plan is always the same. Get the upper hand fast and keep it. Anyone who fails to match the speed at which we build up will forever be eating our dust and driving a Pod. There are no luck factors to give you that break you need to catch up with the guys in the lead. You either have it or your don't...... ( "it" is the power to do battle and win) Player Aids play a big part in this. Some ARE better then others but you have to use them to the fullest if your going to beat the guys running the same stuff you have access to.

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